Solutions And Focus Areas

Software development has changed massively in the last years. If your tools and processes haven't kept up, then your competitors are probably building better products and iterating more quickly. From Fintech to Accounting, from Timetracking to sport apps.

API driven applications

We design and implement tailor-made interfaces and full applications such as corporate portals, organizations systems, tools and more

Product Engineering

We provide and/or collaborate with project analysis, deadlines and deliverabilities. This is the best way to optimize efforts and product quality.

Sketching & Drafting

We gather detailed requirements and explore and document all risks. Our processes ensure that business rules have been clearly defined and documented in a way that will drive the development of code and automated tests. We do a detailed investigation into any unknown technical requirements such as third-party APIs.

IT Startup Projects

Modern web apps are interactive, potentially real-time, and API-driven browser-based apps. We are experts in building reliable and scalable cloud services with Node.js and JS frameworks like React or Angular.

Data Infrastructure

With our IT infrastructure partner, we can offer a top-notch solution for server housing for your project. Green IT member, swiss based.

Smart Communication

Your way is our way. We are flexible to work in partnership with your team and management handling sensitive data in case.

Hipshares will get you on the move towards your goals.

Hipshares Solutions

Why trust

We’re a remote team based in Switzerland, and distributed throughout Switzerland, Europe and Brazil. We’re as passionate about your business as we are about technology. Ready to catch up?
Web and mobile

Company Mission And Vision

Passionate about technology, we are driven by our focus on providing quality solutions, client satisfaction and enhancing cross-functional teamwork. Our vision is a flexible way to implement client's idea exploring latest technologies and pro-actively feed the project

  • We are committed to providing quality source code
  • Our benefits are endless for Startups
  • Really know the true needs and expectations of customers
  • Talented & experienced (20+ years)
  • Processes of achieving the excellence and continue improvements

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From Linux to MS. From desktop to web.
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